Myroslav Marynovych “Sheptytsky’s management”: educational background is not enough, there should be an ethical one as well

Dear friends, we are happy to share some ideas voiced during the recent morning meeting of the Key Executive MBA program students with Myroslav Marynovych. The center of discussion was the topic of “Sheptytsky’s management”. The meeting was moderated by Valerii Pekar.

We often imagine Andrey Sheptytsky as an elderly man in a wheelchair sitting in a monastic cell and knowing nothing about the life outside. In fact, the situation was totally opposite: he did not only understand his contemporaries, but also took a glimpse into the future.

We grow stronger having a sustainable support.

Building a decent career and becoming successful require:

– Honest attitude;
– Decent remuneration;
– Cooperation;
– Reliability;
– Striving for ownership (it often changes the mentality of people and gets them more involved into the process).

Any economic reform needs funding. The contemporary idea is to find a bag of money to cover all the expenses. However, this idea does not appeal to a long-term material security.

“Cultivate individuality and independence with the young people, encourage them not to look forward to receiving state and regional administration assistance, but to strive for independence with their own initiatives,” said Andrey Sheptytsky.

Self-organization and self-financing are the best keys to the future security.

Educational background is not enough, there should be an ethical one as well.

Paternalistic ideas are deep-rooted with many people and it is far from good. We cannot give in our freedom to others and believe that they could make us happy. We should make those decisions and take responsibility for them ourselves.

One should not assist a poor person every day, but one day to show him or her how to change.

If Sheptytsky was our contemporary, he would probably say the following relevant words:

“You see that the values are broken everywhere, don’t you? If you change the values, you can resolve all the matters!”

The final point is that Sheptytsky gives culture the top-priority. Why? Because culture is the realm of values.