Innovators’ blog: Successful businesses as growth drivers of the country. Kasta

14 Sep 2018

Andriy Lohvin, CEO of Кasta (ModnaKasta) company, shared his thoughts concerning business and power, entrepreneurship and global companies, philosophy and competitors with the participants of V group of MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program of UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) during the offsite training module in Kyiv. Oleh Chaharyn, the participant of VI group of the program, is sharing with us the key ones:


✔Successful country is created by successful businesses. Business creates and pays taxes, the country dispenses.

✔Nowadays, the greatest world companies are the IT ones. They edged out the others that have been leaders on the market up to now. IT companies have currently such an influence that this is a challenge to other businesses. In Ukraine we don’t have strong players yet, who could compete with, let’s say, Amazon. But we still have some time. Now, the big corporations don’t hurry to enter the Ukraine due to the war and corruption, and we have to use this time to prepare better for the competition with the global players, and not to think how to sell ourselves to them.


✔Kasta’s plans: «Even if Amazon comes to Ukraine tomorrow, we are not going to sell ourselves. They have plan «B», if something goes wrong, and we don’t have it, that’s why we will fight to the bitter… We will become №1 in online retail in Ukraine soon.»

✔You need to be super hungry, to study constantly and to want wildly to realize something. In this case there is a possibility that you will build a business.

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✔There is nothing more motivational that the thought that business is going to die soon.

✔I strongly believe in Ukraine. I think that we are unique and we are the hope for Europe, we are hungry and in the state of war. The basis for our success is an entrepreneur who creates added value. All of you should necessarily try and see what business is.