LvBS starts interviewing the applicants to the Master’s programs. Welcome to the meeting!

28 Feb 2018

The UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) has started conducting interviews on 4 professional Master’s programs! Come and meet the program managers for coffee, plan a mini tour around Sheptytskiy Center, and learn more about the education opportunities.

The UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) was founded in Lviv 10 years ago under the auspices of the Ukrainian Catholic University and leading companies from various fields. The School Mission: Ukraine on the world business map. The School offers four professional Master’s degree programs, management development, as well as corporate training programs. The School has obtained the international accreditation by the Central and East European Management Development Association.

We announce the admission of participants for the following LvBS Master’s programs:

Key Executive MBA – a program for business owners and executives who make strategic decisions on the future of the company, seek to attract the best talents and develop themselves for the sake of their business success. It is the program for those who believe that businesses make a direct impact on the development of the society and the country on the whole. [register-link token=’7e1d13c8-a3ef-456a-a3d2-9dafc6984d2c’ title=’meet for coffee‘]

MSc in Technology Management – the only in Eastern Europe professional program of the Master’s level specifically designed for senior executives of technology companies. It is mainly focused on combining technical and business competencies, enhancing the understanding of customer needs, developing the participants’ managerial and leadership skills. [register-link token=’b6d81d17-dec9-4fd9-bcc4-c37faaeb93b3′ title=’meet for coffee‘]

MA in Human Resources and Organization Development – the only international Master’s program in Ukraine on HR management and organizational development. It is designed specifically for those HR-specialists who seek to structure their own experience, gain HR and business expertise of the international level, and develop the professional competences of the future. Graduates of the program are actively growing and becoming business partners of the companies. [register-link token=’d56c4c45-6669-45c6-8a3d-b5bbbba36f28′ title=’meet for coffee‘]

MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship – a unique in Ukraine program of the Master level that provides systematic business knowledge helping you to start your own business in the technological or innovational spheres. It was specifically designed for ambitious people who are ready to set up and launch their business projects.  Entrance exams will take place in the summer, and the Master’s program will begin on October 3, 2018. [register-link token=’df6aed2f-1823-40f5-8aed-21161248e8de’ title=’meet for coffee‘]
To get more familiar with the School and sample its atmosphere, join the calendar of LvBS events and start planning your visit.