Participants of LvBS Programs Discuss International Strategy and Today’s Hot Topics

At training modules participants of various LvBS programs discussed topics that are relevant today for Ukrainian society. During the training module of the MSc in Technology Management program, participants learned to build and anticipate successful IT strategies with Professor Hans LyaFever from Leiden University (Netherlands).

Hans LeFever taught the LvBS course “IT Concepts and Strategies.” Hans worked for the company Shell for 22 years, performing various tasks related to the planning and management of information technology. He finished his corporate career in London, exploring the digitization of financial processes and other innovations at the intersection of business and IT.

As part of the technology management program, a workshop was led by Andryi Belinsky, who has experience as an IT manager – for more than 10 years, he worked in different companies (Myronivsky Khliboprodukt, Auchan Ukraine, Winner Imports Ukraine, Interpipe Corporation, Kraft Foods Ukraine). “The MSc in Technology Management is a program that is very relevant for Ukraine, because, first of all, it is one of a kind, and secondly, it was created at the request of business, for the market lacks skilled IT professionals who will be innovators and leaders of change. These specialists with the appropriate qualities will help the company streamline processes, create new services and products, and change the role of the company in the market to achieve a leadership position,” said Andriy Belinsky.

Olha Sadokha, director of the company N-iX, and Sophia Opatska, director of LvBS, gave a course to small business owners on human resource management. Olha Sadokha described the impact of values ​​on the organization of human resource management, how to search and select candidates for the job, and how to work with beginners and oversee their performance. Sophia Opatska conducted a test with participants to determine their personal behaviors and how to combine different types of personalities in the company.

Young entrepreneurs at the module of the MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program attended courses on the legal aspects of business by Andriy Hrynchuk and mastered finance with Mykhailo Salo and Lubomyr Tarnovsky.

With the head of the UCU department of philosophy Volodymyr Turchynovskyy, participants talked about the relationship of morality, values, ​​and business. “A company exists for two reasons: to satisfy the needs of its customers and to enable its employees and investors to earn a living while using their God-given talents in service to others” – this quote by the author of “The Pope and the CEO” Andreas Widmer was the theme of the course. Thus participants tried to define for themselves the basic ethical foundation and values ​​that guide them in their business.

During a web lecture by LvBS Professor Yaroslav Prytula (who is currently in the U.S.), participants discussed issues related to monetary policy and the stability of the currency.

At the company Kormoteh, the young innovators had the opportunity to get acquainted with the real working conditions of a Ukrainian enterprise. At the next module they will present to the company’s representatives their work on a competitive strategy for the further development of the company and its products.