Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine: Progress of society is impossible without a good education system

“Canada has no magic recipe for how to overcome problems – it takes time and hard work. However, ideas do matter. If you have a good idea and skilled team, you can help create change,” Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Troy Lulashnyk said during a visit to the Ukrainian Catholic University.

According to the ambassador, Ukraine will increasingly integrate into the international market.In this regard, he addressed the students: “You have to be ready for a fresh market and to think as international businesspersons. This does not mean to leave the country, but to think more broadly: what is happening in China, the States, Europe. This way you prepare yourselves for the future. Education is the best tool to be prepared and to protect yourselves from failure.”

He also advised students to choose a profession that will enjoy: “You are the country’s future. We need people who are willing to work and implement changes. Education is the first part of the success. The second is the ability to communicate ideas, understand contexts, drive innovation, and make key decisions,” said Troy Lulashnyk.

While visiting UCU, the ambassador visited the newly built Collegium, as well as the Humanities Faculty and the Philosophy and Theology Faculty, met with the university administration, learned about the activities of the Lviv Business School, the Institute of Leadership and Management, and the Icon-Painting School.

“I am always happy to visit this University. I enjoy meeting with students and hearing about their interests, development, expectations. I appreciate the atypical values ​​and mission of the University. After all, UCU is independent, a leader in the Ukrainian educational environment that plays a constructive role in the development of civil society. UCU is a great example of the fact that in independent Ukraine it is possible to create a community where people are responsible and work in developing an open society,” said the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine.