The Professor from Carnegie Mellon University taught to build software architecture

16 Aug 2014

On the tenth module of the program MSc in Technology Management, participants learned main principles and rules of software architecture in the course Software Architecture for Managers delivered by Professor Matthew Bass from Carnegie Mellon University.

This course teaches a structured approach for realizing a system that supports the intended business goals. While realizing the intended functionality is important, it is often the extent to which the system supports or inhibits additional properties such as scalability, reliability, modifiability, and security that make the difference between success and failure. 
Course participants are able to:

  • Recognize architecturally significant requirements
  • Specify actionable architectural requirements
  • Plan architectural activities
  • Execute the architectural plan in a way that maintains alignment between the strategic objectives and the system that is being built

The special guest, Igor Luzhanskyy, Projects Portfolio Manager at DTEK and co-owner of Neadevis, joned our module over the inspiring breakfast to share his experience in creating and implementing successful software architecture.

We also happy to greet five professionals from SoftServe, who joined tot he course and became better experts in software architecture and will implement the gained knowledge in their company.

The next study module on the program MSc in Technology Management will be held in September with course in Business Communications and visiting professor Daniel Lewis (UK). If you are interested in taking part in this module, please register via

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