A Professor from Carnegie Mellon University presented methods of solving problems

On the eight module of the program MSc in Technology Management, participants learned methods of solving problems and learned how to understand the client in the course, Methods in Requirements Engineering, delivered by Professor Travis Breaux from Carnegie Mellon University.

Professor Travis Breaux taught the participants to understand and apply successful methods of overcoming the disparity between the resolved problem and the system of the software. In this course they learned various ways of understanding the problem as well as to present the appropriate solution to this problem.

“You need to be an expert in the area of your client. That gives you the opportunity to learn a lot as well as keeps you open-minded and motivates you to cross your own boundaries.”

This month the participants also continued the course with Serhiy Kovela from Kingston Business School (London) on Startegic Planning and Project Management.

In the last module, the first part of the course, participants of MSc in Technology Management, studied strategic management and management of projects. In particular, they learned that these two mutually complimentary aspects of business management are applied both on the strategic as well as on the operational levels. At the end of the first part of the course, students received cases and questions from realistic clients which they had to answer in a clear and well-grounded manner. During the eight module they presented resolutions of their cases, an analysis of the actions of the client, their recommendations, and answered many questions.

We wish the participants a wonderful vacation and look forward to seeing them in August!