Inga Kordynovska about SandBox Kids – a creative space for children’s leisure in Odesa.

31 Jul 2023

We are telling you more about projects by the UCU Business School Alumni that have not only economic but also social impact on communities. Today, we will talk about SandBox Kids – a safe creative space for children’s leisure in Odesa, which was created during the war by Inga Kordynovska, a graduate of the MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program. 

Inga Kordynovska is the owner of a legal company, who at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, founded and led the humanitarian volunteer center of Odesa (NGO “City Advocacy”).

During the war, Inga also founded SandBox Kids – a center for children aged 5 to 12. It combines various components of child development, including workshops, physical activities, and clubs, to provide children with a safe space for growth, and parents with some time for themselves.

The main focus of the project is to work with refugee children who have lost their homes or family due to the war. Its goal is to help them adapt to life as quickly as possible and continue to develop.

“I really wanted to create a sense of home where children can ‘take a break from the war.’ When you come here and experience positive emotions.”

As Inga points out, one of the values they wanted to provide is support. Parents are going through very difficult times, which is why the center also implements projects for families.

All activities take place on the -1 floor. During air alarms, children are in a safe place.

“It’s important to work with children because they will be the ones building this country and this city. We want them to develop a refined taste, respect for cultural heritage, and the right values.”

During the visit, we had many discussions about the development of Odesa, the challenges in implementing certain projects, and the importance of cultural contribution to the city.

“We don’t have many cultural projects, so we try to gather everyone who is doing something of quality to come together, unite, and do important things together.”

Thank you, Inga, and your team, for this wonderful project, and we encourage everyone to support such initiatives in their own cities.

We invite you to watch the interview with Inga about her experience in volunteer work in Odesa.