Scott Sehlhorst

Adjunct Professor
Scott Sehlhorst
  • Scott Sehlhorst is a global product management and strategy consultant with over 27 years of experience, passionate about helping companies build the RIGHT product right.
  • Scott’s consulting company is called Tyner Blain and is based in Austin, TX, USA.
  • He consults on product management (both strategic and tactical initiatives) mostly software and high tech companies, as well as IT departments of multinational corporations in the US and worldwide.
Programs and courses:
MSc in Technology Management
Academic Experience
  • Scott’s experience prior to product management lies in: Program management; Business analysis; Software development; Electro-mechanical design engineering.
  • Scott is also a visiting lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology in addition to UCU Business School  MSc in Technology Management program; he teaches a course on product competitive strategy at both schools.