Innovative Approach to Governance Program to Be Launched in Ukraine

Innovative Approach to Governance Program to Be Launched in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Catholic University is launching a program for managers from national and regional governments.  The first module of the “Good Governance” program will start in April.

Pavlo Sheremeta, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, pronounced that “The new curriculum is critical for leaders of both national and regional authorities.  At a time when our country needs radical renewal and rapid introduction of new approaches at all levels of government, it is important for there to be a critical mass of ethical professional patriots who will find innovative solutions to existing problems.”

The program consists of three modules. The goal is to prepare a new wave of managers with innovative thinking for government agencies and who understand how to implement changes in the current conditions of crisis in government and who will embody ethical principles and values for the benefit of the community.

“For qualitative changes to occur in Ukraine, it is important to have new faces,” says the rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Fr. Dr. Bohdan Prakh. “New managers who work in public institutions must have the proper knowledge and skills.  The ‘Good Governance’ program which is being launched by UCU, will serve as a platform where managers can gain the necessary knowledge and tools to implement effective reforms in Ukraine.  It will be the basis for the formation of a community of graduates with relevant and appropriate values.  It is no wonder that the slogan of the new UCU program is ‘professionalism, patriotism, and decency.’”

According to the organizers, the changes that have taken place in Ukrainian society in the past four months have created new opportunities for Ukraine as well as new challenges: “Finally, we have an opportunity to reform the system, eradicate corruption, and remove those artificial constraints that existed in the administrative practices of governance that adversely affected the development of competition and innovation.  To implement these important reforms, it is necessary to introduce systemic changes and to find talented people in state government who will think comprehensively and in the long-term, focus on the best practices, and be guided by moral and ethical principles.”

According to Sophia Opatska, the director of UCU’s Lviv Business School, the organizers of the “Good Governance” program want to create a strong team for the government: “Teams that are able to develop and implement programs of change.  This task is a challenge for the Ukrainian government and for society as a whole.”

One goal of the program is to create a group of graduates who will become part of a community that will offer support to the members in the future.

Specialized topics: Lustration, Advocacy and Lobbying, Institutional Organization of Public Authority, Collaborative Governance, Local and Regional Finance.

Decision making Topics: Leadership and Authority, Change Management, Negotiations, Adult Learning, Religions and Public Life

The “Good Governance” program is for:
-     Those who see their professional development in the field of public administration and local government
-     Those who want to work to change the system of governance and gain additional knowledge and competencies
-     Newly appointed officials
-     NGOs and political parties who want to educate new leaders

To apply for the “Good Governance” program, you need to:

1. Fill out the online form 
2. Send your CV, a scanned copy of your master’s (specialist’s) diploma, and a letter of recommendation to (the letter of recommendation can be from an employer or head of NGO to which you belong/university professor/head of a parish community/representative from the business community)

Format: The program lasts for 3 months:
Module 1 – second week in April
Module 2 – May 5-7
Module 3 – first week in June

In between modules, participants will complete tasks and reading assignments.
Classes will be held in an interactive format using case studies and will include a large number of discussions with international faculty. During the program, meetings will be held with interesting people in the form of inspirational breakfasts and dinners and some excursions are planned as well.

Organizers of the program “Good Governance: Program for an innovative approach to governance”Ukrainian Catholic UniversityLviv Business SchoolInstitute of Leadership and ManagementInternational Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues of the Ukrainian Catholic University.   


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