Key Executive MBA

Key Executive MBA is the program which will help you form the vision of your business tomorrow. You will gain the knowledge which will enhance your experience to enable the company’s transformation in the face of future challenges. You will penetrate into the community of trust which facilitates the development of your leadership skills.


MSc in Technology Management

MSc in Technology Management is a unique program in Eastern Europe specially designed for technological companies C-level executives to bridge the gap between tech and business competencies, to deepen clients’ needs understanding, to develop visionary view on business and to advance management, leadership and soft skills.

MA in Human Resources and Organization Development

It is a comprehensive program for those who have experience in personnel management and want to move to a new level of personal and professional development. Participants are HR-specialists who seek to structure their experience, get HR and business expertise of international level and develop professional competence of the future.

MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Innovations and Entrepreneurship Program is a master’s degree education for those who look for personal and professional development and want to start their own business within realms of technology or innovations.

“David Wins.” A unique project with Adrian Slywotzky

Lviv Business School of UCU, together with Adrian Slywotzky, launches a unique project. On this page, we will publish the new book by Adrian Slywotzky David Wins, a step-by-step plan for building a company that can conquer global giants. The book will be available in open source, each chapter will appear there every week. Why this book and why now? Because we believe that the next David, that will be able to compete with Apple, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and others, will come from Ukraine. That is why this book will first be available in Ukrainian and will be published in English in the US afterwards.

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Only the most interesting from the inside of our school, only the most topical issues, handy tips for businesses, most recent trends and lifehacks as well as our participants’ feedback – everything is available on our LvBSKnowledge platform.

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