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Autumn 2022


5 2-day modules





Effective Management of Small Business [Lviv]

About the program
The program is designated for the needs arising during all the life cycles of small companies: from setting up or purchasing till growing or selling a business. The knowledge acquired at the program will help small business leaders to avoid common mistakes and to create a strong foundation for reaching stable financial success at all the phases of life cycle. During five modules of thoroughly selected practical cases, group discussions, presentations and debates with experienced teachers you will find out how to ensure growth in difficult market conditions, how to make quick and effective operational and financial decisions which will be able to change a position of the company today and enhance future development.
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What the program gives:

  • applied learning from the best experts in a specific field based on cases, real examples from business and practical tasks
  • meetings and discussions with the bests businessmen-practitioners in Ukraine
  • a possibility for business owners to meet and share ideas with colleagues who face analogical problems
  • a possibility to get valuable business contacts and broaden worldview in the environment of Lviv Business School and UCU

Upon the completion of the program participants get the certificate of Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS).

The certificate is granted in case the participant attended at least 4 out of 5 modules.


Module 1. The key aspects of a company management and strategic planning

  • I am a director
  • company management during an uncertainty period
  • assessment of internal situation and competitive environment
  • strategic fabric of business

Module 2. Ensuring development and keeping business from collapse

  • internal and external challenges of business development
  • legal aspects of running business
  • calculating real value of  Your company
  • LEAN-management

Module 3. Financial management

  • understanding of financial infrastructure of small companies
  • studying ways of business financing
  • detecting financial obstacles in the way of growth
  • financial and management accounting

Module 4. Marketing activity

  • personal brand of an owner/a manager
  • promotion, advertisement and PR
  • supporting and boosting sales
  • consumer behaviour

Module 5. Personnel management

  • searching for right people
  • recruiting and selecting
  • performances analysis and elaboration of a reward system for employees
  • motivational climate
  • culture of organization
  • leadership

Duration of each module is 2 days once a month.

For whom

The program is designated for:

  • small business owners
  • directors, key people who make decision in small companies
  • people who want to get a small business to a higher quality level

Studying at the UCU Lviv Business School, we received not only managerial knowledge, but also the insights into the legal and economic industries, the knowledge of marketing, finance, psychology, etc. Undoubtedly, the manager (entrepreneur) should not know absolutely everything relevant for these areas, but we need to master the fundamentals, elementary basics, and skills for managing organizations and enterprises. And this is exactly what we received in the course of studying at LvBS! The very atmosphere of well-being and comfort, created around us, greately facilitated the education process. The School helped me not only receive new knowledge, but also make great new friends! I am extremely grateful that I had a chance to socialize with such people. This is incredible! You are very strong and courageous. I wish you to keep going.

Olha Poddubchenko
the Deputy Director General at «Diagnostic Devices» Ltd

This program can in fact become extremely important and useful for any entrepreneur. After all, without exaggeration, it provides new knowledge, new experience, and new opportunities for further growth.

Oleh Hula
the co-Founder of the «FatSound» sound and lightning equipment provider

Unfortunately, «Effective Small Business Management» program has come to an end. Emotions are overwhelming me, I experience such an elation. I was incredibly fortunate to meet all my present colleagues. They are wonderful, open people who, despite everything, set goals and move towards them. Such an environment is rewarding and motivating. I am particularly grateful to Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University and its team for such a well thought-out program of the course, professional speakers, interesting guests, and cozy, friendly atmosphere.

Maksym Lapan
the Head of «Lahen-Trans» Ltd.

«Effective Small Business Management» is a program specifically designed for those who seek their company growth, feel a lack of experience, and are ready for changes. And LvBS is boosting their inspiration for work, development, and goal-achieving.

Ivan Kysylytsia
the Manager at the «Gorgany» store (Chernivtsi).

Entrepreneurs are constantly learning and I’m not an exception. When I enrolled on the «Effective Small Business Management» program provided by LvBS, I was already in a way savvy: before, I had attended various business seminars, courses, read a lot of business literature. The ESBM program allowed me to systematize all the knowledge and, as a result, rebrand my children’s development clubs, which I had been planning for over a year. Therefore, I recommend this program to all the entrepreneurs striving to reach a new level of development, as well as complete non-entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business!

Oksana Tymkiv
the founder and owner of the «Mudryk» Center for Early Development

Five modules seem like a period in life… Fast-paced, but at the same time comprehensive, filled with new experiences, dynamic, emotional, and atmospheric! Metaphorically speaking, I felt like a jug slightly filled at the bottom and with every academic day the jug was being filled with more and more interesting and new practical things that can safely be implemented in my business. It was great honor for me to get acquainted with extremely talented practicing teachers who eagerly shared their experience (the thing which I was missing while studying at the classical university). LvBS offers the environment with the prevailing sincerity, wisdom, and inspiration. This is a place where I was inpatiently hurrying in the course of each module. I will definitely return here to participate in other educational programs. And our group is an awesome community of incredible people. Energetic, inspirational, joyful, with great thirst for something new and grand. Every time I was inspired by each and everyone. I am immensely grateful to the team of the Business School for the offered opportunities, among which anyone will definitely find something near and dear to them.

Nataliya Didoruk
the founder of the «Pantsi Tortovi» («Cakes and Pancakes») confectionary

With each next module of the Effective Management of Small Business program at LvBS I was filling some gaps in my background knowledge. As for me, the handiest topics were dedicated to strategic planning and marketing. I was really amazed at the fact that there are no strict rules or universal answers in marketing. There is only a market, the challenges of which you are to meet, and competitors, who should never be viewed as your enemies but rather as partners, with whom you are to reach consent, since competition will never bring you the results you may obtain through the dialog.

Viktor Davydenko
The director of the Ukrainian Furniture Brand LLC

The program allowed me to set my priorities right and finally realize what to head for. One of the handiest tools I’ve mastered is the so-called technique of “zoom-in and zoom-out” which really helps in making right decisions. Its essence lies in the fact that you are to get out of the situation for a moment as if to see the real state of the arts from aside and later return to it with a fresh look. And probably I will always remember the question I was asked at one of the workshops: “What was the last thing which you did for the first time?” From now on this question is the force which drives me ahead.

Iryna Perehinets
Financial director of the ART Company

I decided to enroll on the Effective Management of Small Business program at LvBS since I felt the pressing need for some extra knowledge in the management field, team management in particular. In the course of the program I received the tools which may help me to develop an effective strategy of business expansion. I already see my final goal and can analyze if we have taken the right steps on the way to achieving it.

Oleh Antokhiv
Director of A.I. Business Group LLC

We live in the era of rapid changes. When I was working on my start-up, I really felt the lack of knowledge in modern business technologies. Probably the most valuable experience I managed to obtain in the course of the program is the experience of working with real experts, teachers of LvBS. It was not only the theory which we discussed, but we were also trying to implement it in real life cases. This tool is really powerful. The greatest discovery I’ve made for myself is the shift in business strategies: in the past everything was based on the rules and schemes, while nowadays business activity is centered on values and creativity.

Nataliya Veksler
Romexsoft Company business analyst
Olena Peshko
Learning & development manager
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