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Effective Management of Small Business


Autumn 2024


4 modules





About the program
The program is designated for the needs arising during all the life cycles of small companies: from setting up or purchasing till growing or selling a business. The knowledge acquired at the program will help small business leaders to avoid common mistakes and to create a strong foundation for reaching stable financial success at all the phases of life cycle. During four modules of thoroughly selected practical cases, group discussions, presentations and debates with experienced teachers you will find out how to ensure growth in difficult market conditions, how to make quick and effective operational and financial decisions which will be able to change a position of the company today and enhance future development.
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What the program gives:

  • applied learning from the best experts in a specific field based on cases, real examples from business and practical tasks
  • meetings and discussions with the bests businessmen-practitioners in Ukraine
  • a possibility for business owners to meet and share ideas with colleagues who face analogical problems
  • a possibility to get valuable business contacts and broaden worldview in the environment of UCU Business School and UCU.

Upon the completion of the program participants get the certificate of UCU Business School (LvBS).

The certificate is granted in case the participant attended at least 3 out of 4 modules.


Module 1: Basic Aspects of Company Management and Strategic Planning. Legal Aspects of Business Operations.

  • I am the manager;
  • company management in times of uncertainty;
  • assessment of internal situation and competitive environment; business canvas;
  • internal and external challenges in business development;
  • legal aspects of business operations.

Module 2: Financial Management. Operational Management.

  • understanding the financial infrastructure for small companies;
  • exploring business financing options;
  • identifying financial barriers to growth;
  • financial and managerial accounting;
  • real assessment of your company’s value;
  • business processes and their modeling.

Module 3: Marketing Activities. Management: From General to Project. Managerial Skills for Leaders.

  • Marketing Strategy for Business (War Edition);
  • Product, Target Audience, Effective Communication;
  • Competitors: How to Analyze and Why?
  • Working with Contractors. Marketing Department Team;
  • Promotion and PR, Advertising, SMM;
  • Understanding Marketing Effectiveness: Metrics and Calculation;
  • Projects – Tools for Implementing Changes;
  • Key Project Planning Tools;
  • Daily Tasks for Managers to Increase Team Productivity.

Module 4: Personnel Management

  • business strategy and personnel management strategy: how to align them;
  • forming a team from the “hired” group: who you really need, how to select them, and what to do with them afterwards;
  • motivation: what it really is;
  • situation management for daily effective management and employee development.

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate from the Lviv Business School (LvBS). Obtaining the certificate requires attending 80% of the program’s courses and preparing a final project.

*Minor changes in the program’s schedule and structure are possible.

For whom

The program is designated for:

  • small business owners
  • directors, key people who make decision in small companies
  • people who want to get a small business to a higher quality level
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Oksana Kolyba
Executive Education Manager