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22 March, 2022


2 months





Transformational Leadership

About program
The UCU Leadership Center, together with UCU Business School  , invite you to a unique educational program – Transformational Leadership, which combines research and academic components, and practical tools for future leaders. It covers the topics of the character and thinking development, as well as of the skills that leaders will need in the next 10 years in the global digital world. The program is a logical step in the development of leaders after mastering the basic skills of human management, communication and personal effectiveness. An important part of the program is experiential learning – learning through practice.
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Value of the program

Transformational Leadership is a program developed on the basis of the latest research of world experts, on which the participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Find out how to be an effective leader today
  • Hear about the latest trends shaping the future
  • Get practical skills and valuable management tools
  • Work out a wide range of topics that are needed for leaders who are ready to lead the organization of the future
  • Work on the personal development of their own leadership character
  • Learn how to transform effective strategies into productive practice
  • Manage global innovations and form organizational models

The Transformational Leadership program consists of 2 training modules lasting 3 days each.

Topics to be covered during the training:

  1. To be a leader

What forms the leader?

Ukrainian vs. global leadership

Leadership development

The dark side of leadership: how not to become a bad leader?

  1. Strategic leadership

What is a strategy?

Transformation of effective strategies into productive practices

Use of analytical data for making strategic decisions or how to force information to “speak”

Authentic strategic approach: an example of Andrei Sheptytsky

  1. Trends that shape the future

How digitalization changes the world

Who will win: a robot or a man?

Survival guide for leaders

  1. Innovative leadership

Art and practice of innovative leadership

The wars of innovations

Rules for managing global innovations

The development of innovative ecosystems

  1. Changes management

Why do organizational changes fail?

Managing changes through 8 critical stages

Life hacks for leaders as a driver for change

  1. Modern paradigm of team management

Re-thinking of the formation of new organizational models

Change of team roles

Management of multicultural teams

Implementation of team coaching

  1. Managing YourSelf

Managing energy, not time

Leadership through actualization, PRESence model

For whom

The program is aimed at managers of middle and high level management companies who have ambitions, high potential and desire for professional growth and development in their organizations.