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Management for Leaders


September 10, 2024


4 modules





55 000 UAH
(excluding VAT)

About the program
UCU Business School invites managers to attend a 3-module program «Management for leaders». A complex management development program will help to expand knowledge, improve management skills and develop leadership practices. The participants of the program will get a better understanding of business organization departments and functions, will learn how to think more strategically and make effective management decisions faster.
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I. Leadership Compass (2 days) | 10.09-11.09

  • Fundamentals of Leadership and Management
  • Organizational Structure and Dynamics
  • Strategic Imperatives and Corporate Culture

II. Operational and Project management (2 days) | 10.10-11.10

  • Operational management: visualization and assessment of business process effectiveness. Root cause analysis of problems
  • Effective approaches in project management

III. Module 3. Finance (2 days) | 04.11-05.11

  • Data analysis
  • Budgeting and basics of financial management

IV. Leadership.Communication (3 days) | 12.12-14.12

  • Model of an effective leader
  • Team management and operational management in the context of communication
  • Relationship management and internal communication
  • Emotional intelligence

Each module includes meetings with successful business leaders, entrepreneurs and UCU representatives.


During the program, the managers will learn how to manage the company’s strategic priorities, build and manage the teams, and make competitive advantages of the organization. Management instruments and tools for the implementation of changes will assure the personal success of the participants and the success of the organization they work in.

The participants will receive:

  • application training from the best experts based on cases, real-world examples from business, and practical knowledge;
  • a possibility to gain new and structure the existing experience.

– possibility to exchange ideas, get valuable business contacts, and broaden own worldview in the environment of UCU Business School and Ukrainian Catholic University.

After completing the Program, the participants will receive a Certificate of UCU Business School (LvBS).

For whom

The program is meant for managers of the middle management companies, team leaders, and department heads of the company who aim to expand their knowledge, enhance managerial skills, and develop leadership qualities.

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Oksana Kolyba
Executive Education Manager