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3 modules





Management for Leaders [Lviv]

About the program
Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University invites managers to attend a 3-module program «Management for leaders». A complex management development program will help to expand knowledge, improve management skills and develop leadership practices. The participants of the program will get a better understanding of business organization departments and functions, will learn how to think more strategically and make effective management decisions faster.
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I. Business as a system 

– Strategic and tactical decision-making
– Interaction with external suppliers
– Models of thinking

– Budgeting and fundamentals of financial management

II. Operational and Project management

– effective operational management
– project management methodologies

III. Leadership.Communication

– Team management
– Operation management
– Contact management and internal communication
– Emotional intelligence

Each module includes meetings with successful business leaders, entrepreneurs and UCU representatives.


In the course of the program the managers will learn how to manage the strategic priorities of the company, build and manage the teams, make competitive advantages of the organization. Management instruments and tools for implementation of changes will assure personal success of the participants and success of the organization they work in.

The participants will receive:
– application training from the best experts based on cases, real-world examples from business and practical knowledge
– a possibility to gain new and structure the existing experience
– meetings and discussions with the best businesspersons – practitioners of Ukraine

– possibility to exchange ideas, get valuable business contacts and broaden own worldview in the environment of Lviv Business School and Ukrainian Catholic University.

After completing the Program, the participants will receive a Certificate of Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS).

For whom

The program is meant for managers of the middle management companies, who are ambitious, have high potential and desire to get professional advancement and development in their organizations.


It was fantastic; first of all it was an incredible group. It is a rare occasion when a group of different people from Poland, Ukraine, Lviv, Kyiv, Ternopil, starting from the owners of the companies to line workers, ordinary НR specialists, financial experts, business managers and CEO are on the same page. Everybody was open to dialogue and the instructors did not have to stimulate to the discussion. It is very easy to work with such audience, you feel open. That is why the atmosphere was amazing.

Having completed the whole course, I finally understood what type of person I was when I came here and who I am now. These are two different people. There is a lot of information to realize, there are plenty of ready-made cases, and there are numerous out-of-the-box solutions.

100% effective teaching team. They are first class teachers and they are professionals who do not outline the theory, who are not like those we used to have in the universities and institutes that came to pass the time. Teachers always come asking, “What can I do for you?

Maryna Teleshchuk
Head of projects development in Okto Via

First of all I like the departure from stereotypes in delivery of information and in organization of the process. Secondly, extremely high level of instructors, I mean they are interesting and good specialists, and it is very useful. It can sometimes outbalance the provided information, which is not mastered in full.

There is a very special atmosphere here and there may be even felt the spirit of the establishment, which includes the process and presentation… I enter here and I switch off my mobile phone. The way I do when I go to the Carpathians, to the place with no communication, I am out of range for everyone, and all the issues fade into insignificance. There I am relaxed, concentrate and have a rest. Something like this I experience here, but I do not have a rest, instead I concentrate and work.

Oleksandr Kiyko
cofounder of ТМ Prosto dobryi khlib

It was a real cool adventure, where I felt as if I were in a different world. To be honest, when I came here I understood what I wanted. When your business has certain stages of development, when you have so many employees that you can control, you may be free to allow time for each process, you do not think about any education because everything runs as a well-oiled machine. However, if there comes time for the development of the company, when the number of employees is so big that without systematization, without key elements, you are not able to arrange everything all by yourself, because you do not have a necessary education, and actually, you should not have one, you receive it here and it is great. From strategy, planning, all the operational processes you are offered a theory and by means of different key games, you are given an opportunity to master it.

The best thing I liked about it is that the value must be the high priority and that money should go on the back burner. If you realize any project with a certain value, money will always come.  The main thing for you is to have an idea and desire to realize it, and all the rest will converge. I feel that is the thing!

Yuriy Senyuk
Director of МКS FACADE
Contact Person
Olena Peshko
Learning & development manager
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