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Tetiana Novolodska

Community and Alumni association LvBS manager
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Being practically an MBA-level education, the Masters in Technology program positions you for strategic mindset in management, technology, and collaboration. It is long-term focused, helping to open your eyes wider, move forward on several roads at the same time, but it also shows how you can evolve further after the program ends. If your priority is constant personal growth (or maybe even life-long learning), this is the right place to be at. Very knowledgeable experienced lecturers, smart students, and fast-paced learning sets you apart in a positive way and increases your odds of success in business.


Yuriy Gaiduchok

Alumnus, Global Business Transformation Lead, Ciklum

The MSTM program enables you, first and foremost, to see other people and see how they work. The program allows you to see the real business through the learning process. And this is something you will not see in your work. It is similar to flying on the helicopter and seeing the entire picture. It is also networking, it’s people who also talk about their pain and problems and how they deal with them. Such experience is invaluable.

The program gave me an understanding of what I want. I wanted to experiment. I realized that without trying to build a system from nothing, I would be bored and not interested in further transformations. Since I saw the full picture, everything on the macro and micro levels, I wanted to test everything losing my own energy and time.


Nazar Tymoshyk

Alumnus, Founder and CEO, UnderDefence

It is literally a unique programme. This is the place where condensed experience, global business best practices and industry best networking opportunities come together. You have world-recognized experts as lecturers at MSTM, people whom your industry-mates just dream to take selfies with. Test your limits here. Grow your competence. Challenge your company and colleagues with your energy for change.

Accelerate yourself and perform. Just do it!

Antonina Skrypnyk

Alumna, Client Partner, Head of Financial Services Lab, SoftServe

«Я йшла навчатися для структурування знань і, щоб краще зрозуміти свою роль та її вплив на зміни в компанії. На момент прийняття рішення про участь у програмі, я мала лише семимісячний досвід роботи на позиції керівника відділу персоналу. Програма Школи абсолютно виправдала мої очікування. Я отримала багато інструментів, які одразу могла впроваджувати в компанії. Після LvBS для мене HR – це не просто функція підтримки, HR має розуміти суть бізнесу, має вміти спрогнозувати зміни, правильно вибудувати процеси на кожному етапі, і важливо при цьому, щоб працівники були задоволені, і компанія досягала своїх цілей».

Наталія Мазяр

Випускниця програми MA in HR and OD HR директор компанії «Холдинг емоцій «!ФЕСТ»

The real value of any kind of business education (like MBA or MsTM programs) is in the possibility to establish strong network of professional connections. If you will not miss this chance, then by the end of formal educational period you will have great number of connections that will allow you to leverage your personal experience and skills with their wise advises and knowledge which lay beyond the area of your own skills.

Roman Savchenko

PMO Director at SoftServe

As of today, the LvBS Alumni Association has built a large community of like-minded people, which is much more than just a collective of graduates.

Together, we not only have the opportunity to “learn throughout life”, but also to constitute a strong influential Alumni Association with an expert team for the development and growth of each individual and each company. To be a source of inspiration for discussions and activities and generate new agendas in society with a view to improving Ukraine’s competitive position.

Iryna Dmyterko

KEMBA programme graduate, Deputy Finance Director for CFG Agricultural Holding, alumni representative in the LvBS Advisory Council