Valeriia Kozlova

Teacher of the LvBS, founder and head of Corporate EQ, a consulting company that specializes in implementing result-oriented solutions for corporate teams.

Expert pioneer in the sphere of practical use of EQ in teams and companies for business development. Valeria has a 20-year experience in researching the factors that accelerate business processes and lead to results, and more than 15 years of experience in copyright methods to work with teams and company founders to achieve specific results.

Author of the Lean-EQ method based on connecting emotional intelligence (EQ) as a thinking system. Author of the EQ-Boost Technology, which considers the EQ concept the fastest way to implement change and get rid of stoppers for owners, teams, and companies.

Over 8 years of teaching practice. Valeria is a guest expert with the Leadership Development Program at SoftServe. She is the mentor for owners of IT companies and startups, Ukrainian businessmen: CEOs and owners of national companies. For several years, she has acted as a mental coach for a member of the Rio 2016 Olympics team. Valeria Kozlova’s portfolio of results includes several dozen successful cases, including:
– a significant increase in the company’s market share,
– signing important contracts,
– reorganization and re-profiling of companies,
– strategic partnership,
– improving the level of soft skills for individuals and teams,
– career breakthroughs,
– conflict resolution.

Valeria has degrees in medicine, psychology, and psychotherapy. She mastered the Behavioral Approach and System Approach in two overseas projects in Sweden and Poland. Studied at St. Petersburg Gestalt Institute (2011) and Moscow Gestalt Institute (2005-2011).

Valeria is the author of the book «EQ-Boost Technology. How to Use Emotional Intelligence in Business and Life», and a publicist.