Feedback of the Graduates

Ihor Blystiv, 
Marketing director, "Kormoteh" LLC
I came to the MBA programme because personal growth and development are important for me. Every day at my work, I have to take wise and well-considered decisions. In order to do this, you need to understand business and all business processes. Having studied here, I became understanding business from inside, I realized how it worked. I realized how to work in a different way and win competition even with foreign businesses.
When I came to Lviv Business school I had a crucial question to answer: "What can Lviv Business School offer to me?" The atmosphere, the people, the community – this is what instills confidence about light in the end of the tunnel in our country. I believe such schools are able to shape modern business elite in Ukraine.

Eduard Babenko, 
Nationa lsales manager"Vivera Group" LLC
Leaving apart the reasons I decided to go to a business school at all, but focusing more on my choice of this school the first source of information was my friends and the people I know well who have already received their MBAs in Ukraine. The decisive factors to choose LvBS was the information on teaching staff, personal comments on the study process from my colleague Ihor Blystiv, as well as facts on a positive learning environment which I believe to be of importance. The conclusions I came to after analyzing information on LvBS in the Internet made me decide I had to study here, not anywhere else!

Volodymyr Harazd, 
financial director, "Tekhnopark LZTA" CJSC
There are several reasons I came to study for МВА at LvBS. The main reason is that the values of the school appeal to me as the school was established at Catholic University. The second thing is the level and selection criteria for lecturers. It is not lower than in other Ukrainian schools, sometimes even higher. This gives you geographical and temporal advantage. The third thing is the team of the business school. They are professional, well-trained and inspiring!

Yuriy Stohniy, 
Director, SoftServe, Inc.
The UCU Lviv Business school is the place that inspires you for learning by its essence only. It encourages you to reach the landmarks that each of the MBA programme participants came for.
Moreover, it is a large community of like-minded people who contribute to each other’s experiences. It is exactly the community that combined with highly professional teaching and managing team that brought me here.

Iryna Dmyterko, 
financial director, "AGROKULTURA" company
During the study at Key Executive MBA my personal growth was twofold, or rather even threefold. I can boldly state that having graduated from MBA I got inspiration to study more. Here, you can receive global knowledge in specific spheres. Now I know how to speak in the sales department or where to get necessary information.

Olena Leksikova, 
Audit department head, "Galnaftogaz" ConcernPJSC
I came to study at MBA programme to become more useful for my company. This is the field you have to be competent almost in all business spheres at once. During the studies I wanted to look at business from the position of an owner so that I could properly assess processes and so that my efforts could be useful for directors of the company.
I am happy to study at the UCU LvBS. This is the school with special climate. It encourages you to learn and act. It helps you fight your fears and overcome barriers while offering fundamental knowledge.

Nataliya Smutok, 
director, "Matai-Ukraine" LLC
Once I learned about the Key Executive MBA programme at the UCU Lviv Business school, I immediately got interested. Moreover, I saw that many of the people I know either have already studied, are studying, or are planning to study at LvBS. These are not just the people I know but those who, to my mind, shape the present and the future of business environment in Ukraine. First impressions from the school turned out to be positive and decisive for my choice. As to the opening ceremony and the first module, they were amazing and exceeded my expectations. I was amazed both by super professional lecturers, practitioners and theoreticians, and professional approach of the LvBS managers, and also by friendly and inspiring atmosphere. The spirit of being ready to share one’s experience and ideas is in the air. The participants of the programme are incredible (many of them I would not have been able to meet personally otherwise). All of this is impressive! I believe that anyone dreams of a comeback to a student life. In my opinion, Key Executive МВА is a new level I have long planned to reach… That is why the best choose the best :)

Lev Pidlisetskyi
CEO at "Pivdenzakhidelektromerezhbud" OJSC
Over 10 years of managing big companies and having created my own business I wished to fit my knowledge and experience into certain framework to develop them further. I wished to take a new look on what I was doing every day. I wanted to take a critical approach to my actions. Lviv Business School is exactly the place to do all of that. It is positive atmosphere in an incredible city.

Yuriy Samets, 
deputy director of the city branch of "Oshchadbank" JSC
Having taken final decision to take MBA I spent several weeks to find ‘my’ business school. This process turned out to be not that simple for a person never interested in such kind of education. There are few establishments that offer opportunities for study but each has its own peculiarity and tries to be different in something. I even managed to find ‘MBA special for Ukrainian citizens’ in a US school. I talked to graduates from different business schools, I was reading comments on lecturers, on technical and administrative environment of the learning process. Then I highlighted three leaders for myself and selected the LvBS.
Lviv is the city I live and work in. UCU is the place that promotes learning climate. LvBS community consists of people who still keep learning and improving even though they have already reached success.

Mykhaylo Lypka, 
it is obviously the atmosphere of the Ukrainian Catholic University that played the most important role. After the first visit you will never forget the positive experience and impressions. The peaceful feeling of comfort will be always with you while at the UCU.

Oleksandr Kachmar, 
director of Lviv branchof "Global Logic Ukraine" company
I chose the UCU Lviv Business school because of its teaching staff and highly motivated approach of the School staff. I favour the aggressive development policy of LvBS in general. I expect to obtain from Key Executive MBA new knowledge and skills, new visions, experience and friends.


Key Executive MBA-2013 Graduation

Key Executive MBA-2012 Graduation