Ideas Lab

Each participant of MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program has an opportunity to work at Ideas Lab. Ideas Lab is a unique combination of comfort and motivational atmosphere. Why "ideas" and why "laboratory"? The answer is simple: because it is here that the new ideas of innovative start-ups as a result of discussions with fellows, successful businessmen and experienced mentors are created. Undoubtedly, it is an ultimate advantage that modern innovators are looking for in order to generate ideas and work effectively on their projects.  

The events taking place at Ideas Lab:
- master-classes;
- project presentations;
- discussion meetings;
- café-seminars;
- meetings with mentors.

All participants of the Program will be able to attend these events and participate in their organization, as well as conduct meetings with mentors.
During the first year after graduation from Business School the participants will have a free access to Ideas Lab where they can complete their projects and hold business conversations.

Ideas Lab is situated in the venue equipped and designed by latest technologies.
Address: a new building of Ukrainian Catholic University at 2A, Kozelnytska str.

Ideas Lab  organize and test your business plan