• Start with success: 5 ways to start a career in HR
    06 September 2016 MAHROD

    Each year the popularity of the profession of manager of personnel grows; more and more executives understand the importance of this role to the support and growth of the business, more and more organizations invite specialists in HRM. In this blog academic leader of the program HRM in business, teacher of LvBS, Natalka Shpot gives a few advices to the HR Manager who are starting their work in the company to make their activity effective and bring satisfaction. We hope these tips will also be valuable for those professionals that have been working in the organization for long.

  • Delegation: complicate in order to simplify
    26 July 2016 LvBS

    Blog of the dean of Lviv Business School of UCUSofia Opatska for the first issue of the magazine Insight LvBS Inside # 1. Once an employee becomes a manager and he has subordinates, the delegation becomes an integral part of the work. This is a particularly important task for the senior levels of management. Since he would be able to focus on the important long-term problems, only if he delegated the operational work. Then his responsibility is put on the strategy, large-scale projects that can last for years. The manager must inspire the team and customers and perform the role of a representative of the company. This takes a lot of time. To find it, you need delegation.

  • With Love to Norway
    23 January 2016 Norwegian project

    While I was packing up to travel to the northern land back in early November I put a fleece pullover, a woolen hat, mittens and thermal leggings into my suitcase. None of the weather forecasts could convince me to do otherwise since I was heading for Norway. It’s permafrost and very cold;)

  • 10 Steps towards the Right Way to Overcome Failure
    30 October 2015 Idea Lab

    Shauna Tonkin, Director of Education for the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor, held an open master class at Lviv Business School of UCU and gave entrepreneurs some advice on how to overcome failure in business. Her tips will also come in handy in everyday life.

  • 10 Suggestions to Raise Venture Capital funding from Manmeet Singh
    28 January 2015 Idea Lab

    A workshop “10 Suggestions to Raise Venture Capital Funding” from Manmeet Singh, venture partner at New Access Capital and lecturer at the EMLYON Business School in Shanghai and LvBS.

  • The Business model session
    22 October 2014 MSIE

    The course of the Business model, performed by Joao Perre Vianna on MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship included all important questions about stages of creation of business canvas and kinds of business models with bright examples.

  • Why to Study Human Resources
    09 August 2014 MAHROD

    Anna Lewis, MSc (BPsychol) MCIPD, faculty in LvBS about HR function in the organisation and key factor in gaining a competitive edge

  • The Maidan accelerates time and events
    18 February 2014 Visionary Center

    In Kyiv LvBS Business Credo Discussion Club Met with Bishop Borys Gudziak and Valeryi Pekar, founder and director of Euroindex.


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