• 05 November 2018 MSIE
  • 23 October 2018 MSIE
  • Blog of Innovators: Fears When Building a Team, and How to Deal with Them?
    24 September 2018 MSIE

    Team discussion facilitates reaching a more accurate result than by a monologue with yourself. And the key factor of a team is mutual support and help. In her blog, Victoria Butelenko, a member of the MSIE6 group form MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship, shares how a young entrepreneur can overcome internal fears and conflicts when building a team.

  • Innovators’ blog: Successful businesses as growth drivers of the country. Kasta
    14 September 2018 MSIE

    Andriy Lohvin, CEO of Кasta (ModnaKasta) company, shared his thoughts concerning business and power, entrepreneurship and global companies, philosophy and competitors with the participants of V group of MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program of UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) during the offsite training module in Kyiv. Oleh Chaharyn, the participant of VI group of the program, is sharing with us the key ones:

  • Look for the unobvious niches! Invaluable pieces of advice from Oleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO of Ajax Systems
    15 August 2018 MSIE

    Have you heard about Ajax Systems, the world-known Ukrainian company and about their legendary security systems? How did Ajax manage to achieve global success? Stanislav Savchuk, a participant of VI group of MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program of UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) prepared the valuable pieces of advice from CEO of Ajax Systems company, about running your own business. Innovators visited the Ajax Systems’ office, technological company which works on the production of smart security systems for home and office, which protect from the in-breaks, fire and flooding. We are sharing useful and interesting things with you.

  • Innovators’ blog: key insights from the experience of innovative Ukrainian companies
    26 July 2018 MSIE

    «Offsite training module in Kyiv gave the MSIE6 group of MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship master’s program an opportunity to feel themselves as if they were in the Super Mario game. Everyday visits to the leading Ukrainian companies. The task for everyone to gather the coins (pieces of advice and insights from the company’s experience) as much as possible to become stronger, survive after meeting with the enemies (fear, lack of confidence or something else) and overcome difficulties. And these «gold coins» could be anything, the main thing is to listen to them and catch them.»

  • Innovators’ blog: Analysis of Okun’s law for Ukraine
    10 July 2018 MSIE

    When talking with people who were studying in the faculties of economics at the Ukrainian universities, you find out that while learning the Okun’s law, the lecturers say this as mantra, that «on change of the unemployment level to 1%, GDP changes to the level from 2% to 3%». In other words, there is a generation of economists that treat this as dogma (so as some other things in economics), never examining it. Oleg Chaharyn, the participant of the group of MSIE6 Master’s program in Innovations and entrepreneurship of UCU Lviv Business School, decided to check the relevancy of this economic «law» for Ukraine.

  • Start with success: 5 ways to start a career in HR
    06 September 2016 MAHROD

    Each year the popularity of the profession of manager of personnel grows; more and more executives understand the importance of this role to the support and growth of the business, more and more organizations invite specialists in HRM. In this blog academic leader of the program HRM in business, teacher of LvBS, Natalka Shpot gives a few advices to the HR Manager who are starting their work in the company to make their activity effective and bring satisfaction. We hope these tips will also be valuable for those professionals that have been working in the organization for long.

  • Delegation: complicate in order to simplify
    26 July 2016 LvBS

    Blog of the dean of Lviv Business School of UCUSofia Opatska for the first issue of the magazine Insight LvBS Inside # 1. Once an employee becomes a manager and he has subordinates, the delegation becomes an integral part of the work. This is a particularly important task for the senior levels of management. Since he would be able to focus on the important long-term problems, only if he delegated the operational work. Then his responsibility is put on the strategy, large-scale projects that can last for years. The manager must inspire the team and customers and perform the role of a representative of the company. This takes a lot of time. To find it, you need delegation.

  • With Love to Norway
    23 January 2016 Norwegian project

    While I was packing up to travel to the northern land back in early November I put a fleece pullover, a woolen hat, mittens and thermal leggings into my suitcase. None of the weather forecasts could convince me to do otherwise since I was heading for Norway. It’s permafrost and very cold;)


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