Stop the justification of the war against Ukrainian civilians and the Ukrainian nation

16 Бер 2022

Dear Partners of UCU and Ukraine!

With this letter, we would like to draw your attention to the acts of open support of the atrocious war in Ukraine by the leading Russian university – Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

We are concerned that the war is being openly supported by the students of this university, and they are helping spread falsehoods and Russian state propaganda.

Here’s the link to their open appeal

We believe that in the civilized world, there is no place for public support of war crimes being committed by the Russian forces in Ukraine. The promotion of the “war for peace” cannot be justified by the ignorance of the facts in the world of abundant information.

We ask you to publicly react to such statements by Russian students and academic institutions and help stop the justification of the war against Ukrainian civilians and the Ukrainian nation.

We hope for your support!
Yours sincerely,
Students of the Ukrainian Catholic University 

How you can support Ukraine? 

The content you can share to support Ukraine 

Video you can share:

  • Christophe came to Lviv from France to help Ukrainians
  • Dialogues on War: Myroslav Marynovych and Serhii Plokhii
  • UCU opens shelter for those suffering from the war
    Team Rubicon: how do doctors from the USA and Canada help Ukrainians?

Actual news about the war in Ukraine:

Media Center Ukraine is a public initiative supported by the Ukrainian government and local authorities in Lviv.

Its key objective is to help both international and local media to cover the war waged by Russia against the Ukrainian nation.

The Media Center intends to focus on the following:

  • organize regular briefings of government officials, international partners and activists;
  • provide informational support for journalists currently stationed in Lviv region;
  • update on all crucial developments in Ukraine’s ongoing fight against the Russian aggression.