“Think about humanitarian side of IT” – inspiring breakfast with Paul King

15 Лис 2013

We had special guest in Lviv Business School this week – Paul King. Professor King teaches courses at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is an experienced corporate CEO and executive coach for Fortune 500 executives, as well as a mentor for emerging leaders. 

Paul King met and complimented the participants of MSc in Technology Management for making the choice to continue studying and obtain the master’s degree from LvBS. Dr.King is professor of the course “Business Communications” on the program and he shared his vision on the importance of responsible technology management.

Paul King believes that informational technology is discipline that can not only bring huge revenue to businesses, but also bring prominant humanitarian effect.
“Do you know the illness – autism? One of the symptoms of this disease is inability of eyes to focus. Are you aware that researchers have created a new screening methodology for autism in children? They see the application as a breakthrough in both diagnosing and treating the disorder.”

Also Paul King emphasized the great importance of usually underestimated good communication skill: “You can be great professional in your own area (either it’s IT or accounting or finance) but you will never succeed if you are a bad communicator.”

And as the final remark professor inspired participants to make the most from the time spent in LvBS: “If on your graduation day from this wonderful university you are the same person as you were on the first day here, that was just a waste of your time and your money”.

We expect Dr. King back to Lviv Business School for the course “Business Communications” in April 2014.