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Adrian Slywotzky

world-leading business futurist

April 5, 2017
1600 - 1930
  • three-hour intensive training with the world-leading business futurist
  • you will be among the first to get to know the world market trends and the vector of business development
  • you will understand the recipes for the world-known companies’ success


One of the world’s most renowned business futurists. A partner at Oliver Wyman; he has been listed in the world’s top-50 business thinkers and top-25 business consultants two times. The author of the world best-sellers on strategic management The Upside and Demand. His books The Profit Zone and Value Migration were listed in the ratings of the BusinessWeek and The Financial Times Business Book Awards. Provides consulting services to companies from the Fortune Global 500 list and trains top managers for such market leaders as Nike, Hyundai, Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, Boeing, Renault, Bank of America, GM, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Federal Express and others.


This is the road to Your company’s success. Each business must answer the key questions which will help develop its own business model:

  • Who are my clients and who are not?
  • Why do my clients buy from me, and not from my rivals?
  • What do we make money on?
  • How do we protect our profit from the rivals?
  • What do we do ourselves and in what cases do we engage partners?


Most goods launched into the market are very good, but they fail to build an emotional connection with the customer. At the start, demand creators must clearly understand that when it comes to generating demand, the winner is the one who is the first to occupy the emotional space on the market, and not the one who is simply the first to get going.

  • What will demand of the future stem from?
  • How to control it?
  • Can it be created and recreated?
Target audience
  • Managers
  • Management teams
  • Entrepreneurs


Camion Oil, CEO

«Of all the authors I have recently read or listened to (and I apologize to the classic authors of management and marketing), Adrian Slywotzky is number one. I consider what he speaks about not from the point of view of its future application, but from the perspective of my present understanding. For me as a business owner, everything Adrian Slywotzky speaks about is 100% applicable.»



ModnaKasta, director

«I am convinced that in order to move forward faster, one must stop to select the right strategy for the next stage of the development. Strategy analysis becomes much more effective through communication with people having different views, who help broaden our minds and develop collective thinking.

Therefore, I always ask myself if I devote enough time to thinking and what the best ratio between the time spent thinking and the time used for implementing the plan is»



CHANGERS, a co-founder and СЕО

«Behind the name there is a sustained, systematic effort, which gave many causes for reflection. The main insights are as follows: the right people in the right place raised the right issues. Many things we discussed will promote a change in the paradigm of thinking for us and the communities that we will continue communicating with.

The comprehensiveness of the approach and the phenomena that we discussed are only appearing, while we have already tackled the comprehensive approach to them, without taking them out of context. One feels compelled to think, reflect and come back. Building such a community within this program is a serious precedent.»

3 400 UAH
is the regular workshop fee by April 03

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Mariana Pankiv
+ 38 (067) 67 566 08