Joseph Studholme

Guest Professor
Joseph Studholme
  • Managing Partner, Union Atlantic Ventures & Executive-in-Residence, Princeton University.
  • Successful serial entrepreneur based in Princeton, NJ.
  • Skilled in creating, guiding, growing and harvesting software and data companies in fintech, health data, and university spinoff sectors.
Програми та курси на яких викладає:
MSc in Technology Management
Досвід викладача
  • Cofounder, Chairman of Lambent Data Inc, software and data analytics for early childhood development and behavioral health.
  • Managing Partner of Fallingwater Partners LLC, a specialty real estate development firm.
  • Founder and Managing Partner of PIRXA, a Princeton health care data analytics and services company working with researchers and health care organizations to use patient data to improve the accuracy of prescription of scheduled medications including opioid drugs.