About corporate programs of LvBS

Management development corporate programs are being created and implemented to address important business tasks and maximize company results. Through individual approach to assessing the current state of the company, the design of the required program, conducting training and assessing the results achieved. Corporate training is a perfect solution for the companies that see their development as a result of their employees’ development.

In the course of the program development and training we take into account 3 processes:

  • Learning process involves participants gaining new knowledge, building professional skills, and replacing ineffective behavior patterns with more effective ones     
  • Group dynamics process involves creating healthy working atmosphere, using active learning methods, involving all participants, highlight the key points    
  • Personal development process is the participants’ ability to achieve personal development goals

Upon completion of the training, we are interested in personal transformation, which means moving to a qualitatively different level of understanding and fulfilling their role in the company.

Work stages

1. Initial assessment

  • Strategy review
  • Values review
  • Company business needs review

2. Needs prediction

  • Joint setting of priorities and goals
  • Pre-program inquiry of employees
  • Coordination of the desired results

3. Program design

We set up a development program taking into account business goals and priorities of the company

  • Structure
  • Time
  • Format
  • Topics
  • Tutors

4. Conducting the program

Conducting the training and maintaining organizational development project

5. Training assessment

  • Assessment of the material learned by the participants 
  • Feedback from the participants 
  • Feedback from the stakeholders

5. Feedback

Efficiency analysis of the training conducted (the survey is carried out in 1 month after the program completion)


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“Success in cooking but failure in serving.” This statement is true for probably any IT company. That is why development of Soft skills is an important strategic task for both individual employees and the company as a whole. Corporate training by LvBS gave us the chance to take a new look at cooperation with our partners. A special advantage of the tutor’s work was the ability to back up the theoretical material with living cases from their own experience of international work.

Kateryna, V.I.Tech

This is definitely interesting and informative training for people being at their start at working in multicultural environment. Examples of how people from different countries understand/ hear different phrases were of particular use. This information will further help in our daily work with the Scandinavian colleagues.

Conscensia Company

We deliberately looked for a very healthy selfish ecological program. Since all these people, who became the first group from our company studying at the School, are engaged in volunteer programs and devoting themselves to their work. The company aimed at granting investment in themselves, for them to replenish their energy, their resources and continued developing our history.

Tetiana Kipiani

Head of Education, Development and Internal PR Department of Vodafone

One of the program’s values for the company is that we have managed to bring together managers from Ukraine, Europe, and the United States for them to study together, participate in joint discussions. SoftServe is a global and quite large company, and it was important for us to have managers of different levels and functional areas involved in the program. We realized this was not a simple task but the business school perfectly coped with this it.

Yaroslav Liubinets

Chairman of the Board of SoftServe


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Evgenia Kralenkova

Executive Education Program Manager
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