Oleksii Filanovskyi

Oleksiy Filanovskiy is a CEO and founder of Filberry.Consulting, a company which helps SME companies and large enterprises better grasp both the concepts of marketing and its common practices. Before starting his own business, for more than twenty years Oleksiy worked as CMO in many Ukrainian private companies in all kinds of fields, built nationwide and international brands, and received industry awards for his work.

He has deep expertise in FMCG, retail, e-commerce, C2C and B2G markets.

In his capacity as CMO, Oleksiy had assembled and developed 7 in-house marketing teams for both enterprises and SME-level companies, and built brands such as Prime, Istyna, Pryrodne Dzherelo, Snow Panda, Bigl, Shake, Prom, Foxtrot.

These brands and companies were, and most still are, ahead of the competition in their markets, and their products are known and loved both in home market and in countries outside Ukraine.

Oleksiy had developed and implemented dozens of successful marketing strategies, achieving unparalleled results.

Some of this experience Oleksiy shared in his first book, «The Book of Marketing», a business-reading bestseller in Ukraine.