3 March 2022


5 3-day modules





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Marketing for Business [Lviv]

About the program
Marketing support during entry to the market of a developed product or service is a must have in modern business. Unfortunately, many companies make a fatal mistake by investing all resources in the development itself, not promotion, believing that a good product will sell itself.This is a widespread practice both among start-ups and large companies. Marketing for Business is a program developed by leading practitioners that will help you understand the latest trends in advertising, develop a marketing strategy, and give you a deeper understanding which communication channels you need to promote your business, products or services.
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The program consists of five modules. Duration of each module is 3 days.

Module 1. Strategic Marketing

  • Marketing as a system
  • The role of marketing in the company
  • Functions of marketing nowadays
  • Trends in marketing. Marketing of the future
  • Customer and its role in marketing
  • Customer needs – how to identify and satisfy them


Module 2 Creating and managing a brand

  • Research and its role in marketing
  • Diagnosis in marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Brand Management
  • Physical and mental availability of the brand
  • Product life cycle
  • Pricing strategy
  • Distribution


Module 3 Design and Digital Marketing

  • Role and components of brand strategy
  • Key message of the brand
  • Criteria for evaluation
  • Insight – the basis for effective communication
  • What is Digital Marketing – Key trends of Digital Marketing
  • KPIs of Digital Marketing: Key Performance Indicators
  • Digital mix: main internet marketing tools
  • Web development: website and its role in business success
  • Digital strategy: what is it and why to create it?
  • Agency vs own internet marketing department – How to find the right Digital partner?

Module 4. Finance and sales for marketing professional

  • Main types and methods
  • Interaction between marketing and sales
  • Where does money come from and where it goes
  • Budgeting
  • Discounts
  • Pricing
  • Communications
  • Communication platforms creation

Module 5. Strategic Marketing

  • Trends in marketing. Marketing of the future
  • Work with projects
  • Project defense

Within the program you will:

  • create a new or refine existing marketing strategy of your company;
  • learn how to effectively use analytics to achieve marketing goals;
  • work on complex brand development; look at your positioning in the market, analyze your clients` interests and learn how to analyze your competitors using Digital marketing tools;
  • be able to find common ground with CFO and CEO of the company, and review pricing;
  • learn how to effectively cooperate with the sales team;
  • be able to promote your products properly, especially with the focus on digital tools.

During the program, you will learn on real-life cases, perform project tasks, be able to follow the latest trends, and experience the benefits of team engagement.

Upon completion of the course and successful project presentation, each participant will receive a LvBS certificate.

For whom

The program will be useful to marketing specialists, brand managers, marketing managers, business owners who want their company to grow and create strong brands.


This Programme opens a lot of opportunities and shows that you can think productively and work in a completely different way. This means not to be afraid to take steps no one has ever taken before. Even the knocks you take will be useful anyway. Now we are constantly trying to experiment, we analyse what really works and what doesn’t.

This Programme is very interesting because it brings together cool people who have been working in the marketing sphere for very long time, and those who are only at the start. It is useful to communicate with both the former and the latter. We mainly analysed not only the marketing itself, but also the teamwork, the correction of errors, the implementation; and some of the participants had already had certain experience with all this but we had never had. We have made a lot of changes, especially in the loyalty programme that we discussed during the first module.

Uliana Kropantseva
Sales Department Director at !FEST

I participated in this Programme because I was interested in marketing itself. I think that the marketing in our company wasn’t professional enough, that’s why I wanted to improve it. I got answers to my questions, and now I am going to implement a lot of things. For example, I have started working with the sales department right after one of the modules. Soon, we will be working with digital, SMM, and SEO topics. Currently I am searching for specialists.

I have already recommended this Programme. As this Programme gave me a lot of answers, I have already recommended it to my close colleagues, and I recommend it to the people who need something like this and are willing to study.

Sviatoslav Lutsyshyn
CEO at Plus Development construction company

At work, I had problems in communication with marketing specialists: what I wanted to have from them didn’t concur with what they were telling me. During this Programme, I realized that there just was no marketing in our company – starting with website, corporate email, etc. Now we are beginning to work with the reviews, we are thinking of the website development and promotion in the social networks.

Such Programmes are important because they give you contacts and networking. Business people can take a closer look at marketing specialists for their companies, and marketing specialists can find businesses they are ready to work with. The former and the latter will be able to easily find common ground and develop a better strategy –both the brand strategy and the sales strategy.

Marianna Bilyk
Owner and Chief Medical Officer at BiSH Company Ltd.
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Learning & development manager
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