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Service management: new realities


October 30, 2024


3 days






20 000 UAH
(excluding VAT)

17 500 (excluding VAT)


Companies are facing new challenges. It is precisely during periods of change that there is an opportunity to create customer loyalty and exceptional service. The ability to quickly adapt services to changing client needs and transformations is crucial. Equally important is the ability to cascade changes to the team in order to ensure engagement.

The UCU Business School (LvBS) invites you to participate in the «Service Management: new realities» program. During this course, participants will methodically work through the stages of building a service system, and will receive tools to help construct, systematize, and control a high level of service within their company. These skills will enable companies to effortlessly win «the hearts» of their customers.

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Topics that we will cover over the course of three days:
Day 1:

  • Service management model.
  • The role of the client in building a customer-centric business.
  • Studying customer experience and establishing touchpoints with them.
  • Conducting research.

Day 2:

  • What is first-class service? Components of an unforgettable customer experience. Evolution of service and customer needs.
  • Maintaining a high level of service control within the company. What types of measurements need to be used in service?
  • Transforming negative customer experiences into positive ones. Is the customer always right? Compensation scheme and distribution of responsibilities.
  • Working in small groups, summarizing the first two days.

Day 3:

  • The role of employee engagement in service. How to measure engagement and what to do with team resistance/fatigue/unwillingness to provide service?
  • The first 3 months of an employee in the team. How should processes be established to quickly onboard and have an informed employee?
  • Building a training system for the service team and creating WOW agents. Why and when do scripts not work?
  • Working in small groups, creating an action plan.



During the training program, participants will:

  • Learn the essential components of a team needed to maintain high service delivery standards for the brand and service.
  • Conduct all necessary research to study customer experience and build touchpoints with customers, as well as develop an action plan.
  • Learn about first-class service and all the elements that create an unforgettable customer experience.
  • Learn how to use Service Blueprints as a tool for team motivation during workshops.
  • Understand the methods for measuring service quality and how to work with them effectively.
  • Learn how to control and maintain a high-level service in the company.
  • Work in groups to study customer experience (research) and learn how to transform negative experiences into positive ones.
  • Learn how to effectively work with teams and how to set up processes to quickly engage and acquire knowledgeable team members.
  • Build a training system for the service team to create WOW agents and work with scripts.

The course is designed for:

  • customer service managers;
  • heads of departments responsible for building a service system in the company;
  • executives and business owners with existing customer bases who want to take their companies to the next level by improving their quality of service.
Olena Peshko
Executive Education manager