December 13-14, 2019


2 days






6400 UAH
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Service: the Path from Being a Customer to Becoming a Brand Supporter [Lviv]


It is not enough for companies to simply meet the needs of their employees or their clients to be successful:  you constantly need to be one step ahead of expectations and to create WOW effects.  The way to attract, retain, and build a system of loyal employees and customers is by providing quality service. Lviv Business School of UCU invites you to a two-day training program:  Service: the Path from the Customer to Brand Supporter, during which participants will, step by step, develop a service culture strategy and customer orientated team, as well as receive tools to help systematize and control client service within the company.
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During the program, participants will learn:

  • How to build a service culture and customer orientated team in the company, which will deliver quality service;
  • How to identify the root causes of misunderstandings within the team and establish communications;
  • Why service standards do not work in many businesses;  participants will receive the tools to help them systematize those standards;
  • How not to miss one of the thousands of details and to control the level of customer service in your business.


The concept of first-class service and its components.

  • The evolution of consumer demands and their impact on service.
  • Standards with which companies work. Is the client always right? When and why scripts don’t work.
  • Transforming a negative customer experience into a positive one. Creating a new customer service cycle.
  • Controlling the level of service delivery within the company. The types of quantifications you need to use to keep your company at the correct service level.
  • The concept of the “internal” and “external” client. Management service model and role of the senior manager in establishing a service culture in the company.
  • Harvard Chain: Leadership – Loyal Employee – Loyal Customer – Profit.
  • Where to start building a service? Building a training system for the service team and creating WOW agents.


The course is designed for managers, executives and business owners with existing customer bases who want to take their companies to the next level by improving their quality of service.


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Myroslava Gurniak

Executive Education program manager
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