October 15, 2021


2 days






9000 UAH
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Service: the Path from Being a Customer to Becoming a Brand Supporter [Lviv]

It is not enough for companies to simply meet the needs of their employees or their clients to be successful:  you constantly need to be one step ahead of expectations and to create WOW effects.  The way to attract, retain, and build a system of loyal employees and customers is by providing quality service. Lviv Business School of UCU invites you to a two-day training program:  Service: the Path from the Customer to Brand Supporter, during which participants will, step by step, develop a service culture strategy and customer orientated team, as well as receive tools to help systematize and control client service within the company.
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  • The concept of first-class service and its components. Standards with which companies work.
  • Is the client always right? When and why scripts don’t work. Transforming a negative customer experience into a positive one.
  • Management service model and role of the senior manager in establishing a service culture in the company. Harvard Chain: Leadership – Loyal Employee – Loyal Customer – Profit.
  • The basic principles of service design:  Customer Journey Maps, System Maps, Service PrototypesService Blueprints.
  • Implementation of a new service in organizations: from prototype to implementation, service design, scaling and change management.
  • Service design in software development and in product management.
  • Controlling the level of service delivery within the company: methods and tools.

During the program, participants will learn:

  • How to build a service culture and customer orientated team in the company, which will deliver quality service;
  • During the workshops, participants will develop all components of service design: from research and prototyping to implementation in companies (Customer Journey Maps, System Maps, Service Prototypes, Service Blueprints).
  • How to measure the quality of service, how to create standards and develop mystery shopper and feedback questionnaires.

The course is designed for:

  • customer service managers;
  • heads of departments responsible for building a service system in the company;
  • executives and business owners with existing customer bases who want to take their companies to the next level by improving their quality of service.
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