• Virtuous leadership: validation of the Canadian model in Ukraine
    28 March 2019 Leadership Center

    Aristotle once wrote, «Principatum virum ostendit» which translates to «Leadership proves the man» (or the women, we may add). Given that leadership tests a person, it was, and remains, of paramount importance for philosophers to understand which traits leaders should posses. For example, Aristotle mentioned the importance of courage, justice and temperance. Later, during the Age of Enlightenment, Charles-Louis Montesquieu wrote about which virtues people from different social groups should posses. For example, Montesquieu emphasized that good judgement was a crucial virtue for the rulers of states. If matters of virtue and character were vital to eminent thinkers across the ages, why is there a tendency to neglect their role in the formation of contemporary leaders? Have such concepts really become less important in modern society?

  • More than passion. History of chocolate from Lviv
    14 March 2019 Alumni LvBS

    Chocolate has become one of the elements of such brand as Lviv. It is taken as an irreplacable souvenir from the city of Lviv to Kiev, Odessa, New York or Sydney. "But everything started with the production of sweets on a small kitchen of a regular Lviv apartment," says Nataliya Dubova, the co-founder of the Lviv Handmade Chocolate. Love for qualitative and delicious chocolate gave a boost to the business idea that was unusual for Ukraine at that time and which is now scaled up far beyond the country borders. About chocolate as passion and quality as the greatest value, you can read in an interview with Nataliya Dubova for Strategic Business Review.

  • Lecturer of Columbia University Greg Muth: what management tools provide achievement goals?

    Executives Say That Their Companies Planned to Focus More on Growth Initiatives Than Cost Cutting. Can Management Tools Help Them Toward the Innovation that They Seek?

  • LvBS in Davos: How can business change Ukraine through leadership based on character?
    23 January 2019 LvBS

    What impact has a leader's personality on improving business practices and stimulating economic growth? What priorities should modern leaders have in order to be prepared for doing business with dignity on the global market? These and other topics where voiced within the panel discussion “Character in Leadership”, during the World Economic Forum-2019 in Davos. The Founding Dean of LvBS was one of the speakers of this panel, so we share some highlights and important thoughts from this global event, where thousands of people from all over the world revealed deeper potential of Ukraine and understanding what investment, technological and creative opportunities Ukraine offers to the world community.

  • 05 November 2018 MSIE

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