“If you can dream it, you can build it!”

26 Вер 2013

A special event was organized by the program MS in Technology Management in Lviv Business School on 25th of September with Alan Harlan, Manmeet Singh and Dmytro Shymkiv, who are recognized experts of technological business. The moderator of the master-class was Andriy Hankevych – Lviv IT-BPO Cluster Supervisory Board Chairman, CEO of Arivo Solutions, сo-founder at Leopolis Inc. In this review you will find the brightest thoughts from master-class: «Global IT-markets».

At the master-class our experts discussed the various IT-markets development, analyzed the preconditions and strategies for the development and shared their experience of cooperation with different global IT markets.

Alan Harlan started the master-class with his presentation about the global market overview.. The CEO of SoftServe shared his goals and vision as the  CEO of big company, which operates on global market and gave advice how to compete on that market:

“My goal as CEO is to be responsible of my employees, of the shareholders of the company and provide the best future and the best options for the employees. To be able to compete on the global market you have to, firstly, understand global trends, secondly, you need IT-leaders, who understand the different cycles, not only from sales, buy from delivery, who also are able to independently make decision about investments”

Manmeet Singh
explained participants different global markets and strategies of entering these markets. He distinguished between global strategy, which is most central-controlled, transnational strategy – regional strategy of company development, when different offices are relatively independent and autonomic, and multidomestic strategy, which functions more like local firm, considers local requirements, conditions and environment.

Dmytro Shymkiv shared his perspective on the three important things, which should be considered when you are entering global arena – global trends, global business models and cultural differences. He noted and explained four main global trends – Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data. He also shared his view on potential that Ukrainian IT-professionals have: “Ukraine has a fantastic skill set, attitude to work, desire to achieve result and are really creative. And at the same time the thing I experiences in Ukrainian IT-engineers – we love rocket science, we can’t build small things, we have to build rockets! We definitely can generate ideas, we can innovate!”

Experts also share their point of view on the program MS in Technology Management:

Alan Harlan: “When I look at the MSc shedule, here at Lviv Business School, not only do I see that as a strong intellectual basis of syllabus, but also see another basis for me, as CEO, to transformationally train our leaders on such high-class program.”

Andriy Hankevych: “Either you yourself or people who work with you/ for you need to grow, need to become global managers. If you want this, you need to provide the opportunity to become those global managers, help them to take part in any educational program to improve their skills. There is nothing that I cherish more than a good manager, there are far and few between. And in today’s world we can have ten, even twenty times more – let’s make it happen”

Experts finished their inspirational master-class with words of advice about operating on global market:

  • “…Do everything to figure out two primary questions – your motivation why do you go global and how to combine it with cultural differences. After you feel comfortable with this everything else will come” – Manmeet Singh.
  • “If you can dream it, you can build it!” – Dmytro Shymkiv.
  • “World is not going global, world is global, We are already there, and you better prepare yourself to understand what the business factors are, prepare yourself to engage and execute on global market” – Alan Harlan.

The master-class took place in new academic building of UCU in the conference hall, equipped with Cisco TelePresence system, which allowed Manmeet Singh to meet and greet our participants from Shanghai and Dmitry Shymkiv – from Kiyv.  

We thank participants and experts for active and inspiring master-class!