March 11, 2020


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Design Thinking in Business [Lviv]

About the program

Is there any method to succeed in business? For many of the most successful companies, the answer is simple and obvious - Design Thinking. In October of 2019 in Lviv Business School of UCU invites to a new academic program Design Thinking in Business, which is one of the most effective ways to introduce innovations. The program is built on the theoretical and practical base of Design Thinking Stanford University course as well as on the best innovation-introducing practices of the Silicone Valley and other innovation centers. While studying at this program you solve real-life client problems and challenges, seek insights, create products, services, service improving concepts and take innovative decisions.
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As a result of the programme you:

  • discover examples of Design Thinking implementation in innovative companies worldwide and the ways it produced spectacular results;
  • find out how to connect Design Thinking with professional service providing in your company;
  • apprehend what instruments and methods to undertake for creation of the new and improvement of existing products and services truly needed by your clients.

Subsequent to the programme, you will be able to implement Design Thinking methods in your own company and try introducing new products and services.

On the completion of studying the participants receive Lviv Business School of UCU certificate

Educational Program

Design Thinking is an approach allowing streamlining the chaos and finding answers to questions, discover people’s needs and producing technologically possible solutions, which, owing to viable business strategies, are capable of converting into the worth for a client and market opportunities for business.

Design Thinking methods are used for product and services design as well as enhancing the consuming experience.

The syllabus comprises two following parts:

Part 1:

  • What is design thinking?
  • History of design thinking originating and development
  • How to understand consumers, rethink the tasks and generate new solution?

Part 2:

  • In-depth look at five steps of design thinking:
    • Empathy
    • Define
    • Ideate
    • Prototype
    • Test

and instruments for different stages. Theoretical material, instances and seminars.

  • Customer journey/ Personas/ Insights/ Interviewing/ Observation/ Brainstorming/ Rapid prototyping/ Storytelling
  • How to embark on design thinking implementation in day-to-day work?

Contemplation of the proposed topics will be held in the format of a lecture, case-reviews, group tasks and games. It is to facilitate quicker apprehending of information thanks to practice.


For Whom

The programme is designed for:

  • officers and managers responsible for taking strategic decisions in a company;
  • business leaders designing new products and services;
  • teams or individuals willing to comprehend the way utilising of Design Thinking methods helps the company to be one step ahead on the market.



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