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Employee Motivation: How to motivate besides money?


June 25, 2024


2 days






17 000 UAH (excluding VAT)

One of the biggest challenges for businesses and managers is that employees change jobs quickly, feel demotivated, and fail to unleash their talents in the workplace. Therefore, it is important to understand how to properly support employees and create a favorable environment for making changes. The UCU Business School invites you to an updated two-day program called «Employee Motivation: How to motivate besides money?. This training will provide an understanding of how to identify motivational factors, prevent employee demotivation, and support them not only financially.
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Topics we will be discussing:

  • Defining personal motivation and the factors that shape it or can influence it.
  • Key motivation tools for effective interaction with subordinates, partners, and contractors.
  • Components of a motivational conversation: preparation and execution algorithm.
  • Understanding team motivational factors and non-material motivation tools.
  • How to leverage team diversity to strengthen it?
  • Loyalty and engagement.
  • Signs of demotivation and early signs of emotional burnout: prevention and transformation algorithm.
  • Creating motivating cultures.
  • Managing motivation in an organization.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their own motivational profile and the factors that shape motivation.
  • Build an individual approach to motivating each team member.
  • Identify individual motivators of colleagues.
  • Diagnose demotivation and transform it.
  • Design motivational programs at the organizational level.

The program will be beneficial for team leaders, operations directors, owners, and anyone in the management chain of the company.


«The subject is timeless. Motivation is always subject to constant revision. You don’t know and utilize everything, as many things, as a leader, you learn through hands-on experience. So now, there is logic in seeking additional experience not only in the classroom from the instructor but also in discussions with colleagues who have gathered.

Motivation is not just about business; it also applies to personal life. We motivate children, colleagues, and our team, and sometimes we motivate ourselves. That’s why I recommend this program to everyone; it’s an exciting course. Thank you!»

Vitaliy Zapukhlyak
The General Director of the Ivano-Frankivsk Bus Stations Enterprise, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia in Ukraine.
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Oksana Kolyba
Executive Education Manager