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SEAM: the mental model of future management

SEAM Foundation Certificate Program for Managers (U.S.A)


Winter 2025


7 educational blocks




Online (Zoom)

About the program
The course is a special offering for the Ukrainian market, providing basic professional certification in the socio-economic approach to management (SEAM) from the American SEAM Institute in collaboration with the Business School of UCU (Ukrainian Catholic University). SEAM originated in Lyon, France, and is supported by 50 years of research and practical testing. As a mental model, SEAM is based on concepts that diverge significantly from mainstream economic and managerial beliefs about effective and profitable organizations. It places particular emphasis on the role of individuals within an organization in achieving economic objectives and understanding human potential as a sustainable source of added value in the workplace.
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Topics that will be covered during the training:

  • Basic principles of socio-economic management as an alternative mental model. Differences between traditional management and SEAM.
  • Organizational dysfunctions that hinder organizational effectiveness and profitability.
  • Hidden costs of dysfunctions and methods to reduce them.
  • 6 functions of every effective organization.
  • 5 root causes of organizational dysfunctions.
  • Steering as the main function of leaders/managers.
  • SEAM management tools to help managers to:
    • synchronize work of employees.
    • use time effectively and allocate it to the highest priorities.
    • align team competencies with strategic goals.
    • develop people’s talents.
  • Addressing people’s resistance to changes. Clover leaf as a new paradigm of organizational change.
  • Nurturing human potential as a means to increase organizational performance and profitability.

Schedule: 7 educational blocks, each lasting 3 hours, in the evening, every Friday and Saturday.

The program will take place in an online format on the Zoom platform.



Upon completion of the program, participants will:

  • Review existing approaches within their organizations through the lens of the SEAM mental model to identify potential organizational effectiveness and change implementation.
  • Learn about the 5 main root causes of dysfunction in companies and be able to identify dysfunctions within their organizations.
  • Master approaches to calculate and reduce hidden costs that are not measured by traditional accounting.
  • Learn to recognize implicit information and gather data necessary for making informed management decisions.
  • Deepen their understanding of the role of individuals in enhancing organizational effectiveness and master tools for unlocking human potential, increasing cohesion, and synchronizing actions among all employees to achieve the company’s strategic goals.
  • Professional certification.

Participants who successfully complete the training will receive:

  • Certificate from UCU / UCU Business School for completing the program (the program is accredited by UCU and includes obtaining 3 ECTS credits).
  • Certificate of completion of basic professional training in SEAM – SEAM Foundation Certificate from the SEAM Institute (U.S.A.).
  • 85% attendance (in case of absence, the participant independently processes the material of the educational block and, if necessary, may receive individual consultation from the course instructors);
  • completion of practical assignments after each educational block;
  • successfully passing a test on understanding the key concepts of the SEAM approach.
For whom

The program will be beneficial for:

  • Business owners and managers
  • Managers at all levels of management
  • Team leaders

who aim to improve the effectiveness of their organizations, reduce resource losses, establish productive team dynamics, smoothly implement changes, and successfully interact with people to achieve organizational goals.

Additionally, the program may be interesting to organizational consultants in management. Participants interested in obtaining certification as SEAM consultants (Certification in SEAM Consulting) can continue their education in the respective program offered by the SEAM Institute.


John Conbere MDiv, EdD and Alla Heorhiadi, PhD, EdD, are scholar-practitioners who practice, research, and teach about the Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) which is a French version of OD. They are experienced OD consultants and university professors who for years taught OD to doctoral students. John Conbere and Alla Heorhiadi have taught, consulted and conducted research in the US, France, and Ukraine. About 12 years ago they shifted their primary focus to SEAM. 

They founded the national association of socio-economic scholar-practitioners, SEAM Institute (, and annually organize SEAM based conferences of scholar-practitioners from around the world. They have written many articles about OD and SEAM, most of which can be found on Google Scholar, and they are authors of the book The Socio-Economic Approach to Management: Steering Organizations into the Future.

Program Coordinator