Oleksandra Lyashenko

Oleksandra Lyashenko is a doctor of economics, a professor, and the acting head of the Department of Management and Organizational Development. She is also a member of several public organizations related to education. With over 25 years of teaching and scientific experience and more than five years of management experience in higher education institutions – from managing educational programs to managing the educational and scientific institute of management and adult education.

She participated in the Education USA program “Leadership Academy for Internationalization” (2020-2021). She has prepared and published over 150 scientific and methodological publications on economic security, economic freedom, adult education, and management intelligence in all its manifestations. She is the author and co-author of monographs and textbooks. During the war, she founded the online project “Security Thinking”. She adheres to the principles of Life Long Learning, a high culture of quality education, and the values of science.

Олександра Ляшенко, Oleksandra Lyashenko