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Post-MBA Mentorship Program

New Optics for Business


2025 y


12 months






380,000 UAH*2023 y.

Becoming a mentor is the only way to govern a team for those entrepreneurs who manage their businesses on their own. That is why, after the MBA, we offer you to get acquainted with the way to operate business in the style of mentoring.
During the war, when speed is very important, mutual understanding between the team and the owner is a priority! In turbulent times, a lot depends on speed, sometimes even life.
The program is designed for business owners who have completed the MBA program of the UCU Business School or other business schools, for those who make strategic decisions about the future of their company, and for those who feel responsible for the organization and effectiveness of their teams.

Thanks to the program, business leaders will assess their own experience, successes, and mistakes. Through the prism of a new look at their business, they will learn to support the team – i.e. they will learn how to become mentors, not only supervisors.

Graduates of the program note that they have made a significant breakthrough in business, achieved rapid personal development, and organized coordinated and effective teamwork as a result of their studies.

Having mastered Valeriia Kozlova’s EQ-Boost methodology, you will be able to reach a new level through result-oriented mentoring using the synergy of emotional intelligence (EQ) and rational intelligence (IQ).


To enter the program this year, you need:

1. Register on our website on the program page.

2. Have an interview with the founders of the program.

3. Fulfill the requirements for enrollment (submission of documents and conclusion of the study contract) within the established time limits.


The program includes:

  •         10 modules, which equals 80 hours of work in the classroom during 1 year
  •         8 hours of personal mentoring from Valeriia Kozlova
  •         At least 16 practical group meetings during the year
  •         Examination and obtaining a certificate upon completion of the program
  • Master’s degree of the Key Executive MBA program of the UCU Business School
  • MBA degree programs of other business schools
  • Being a business owner
  • The program consists of ten modules, which are based on 9 fundamental skills of a mentor.
  • The duration of each module is 1 day.
  • The duration of the program is 12 months.
Joining the Mentor community

Over 6 years, 5 groups of mentors have graduated from the UCU Business School; these are 36 graduates of the program, business owners who work with students of master's programs at the MBA level

Mentoring of participants of master's programs of the UCU Business School

Mentoring of participants in master's programs of the UCU Business School at the MBA level in writing diploma projects.

Joining the UCU Business School Alumni community

After completing the program, you become part of the UCU Business School Alumni, which includes over 600 entrepreneurs.

Program Visionary and Founder
Valeriia Kozlova
Leading expert on building systems in business, global development strategies, and effective thinking.
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Program Founder
Yaryna Boychuk
CEO of the UCU Business School
Tetiana Novolodska
Community and Alumni association LvBS manager
+38 (063) 861 93 92