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International Sales: Path to New Markets


Autumn 2024


2 days





About the program
We live in an era of globalization where international sales prove to be crucial for the stable growth and competitiveness of your business. The program "International Sales: Path to New Markets" by Lviv Business School (LvBS) is designed for those who aspire to expand their sales beyond Ukraine. We invite you on a journey of experiential learning, where you will progress from understanding your own readiness to identifying attractive target markets for your business abroad.
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After completing the program, participants will:

  • Gain knowledge and basic skills in international negotiations through simulations of selling to potential clients based on the Harvard Negotiation Methodology;
  • Learn how to understand what the client wants and how they make decisions about new suppliers;
  • Become familiar with the methodology of systematic sales for long cycles of foreign deals;
  • Learn how to create a profile of the ideal overseas client;
  • Learn how to select focus markets with the greatest sales potential;
  • Learn where and how to effectively find the necessary data for selecting focus markets;
  • Learn how to create a roadmap for entering new markets.

The program is based on the learning through action approach. Active practical work with business cases and projections for your business is expected.

Over the two days, you can expect:

  • A lot of reflection and sharing of experiences between participants.
  • Homework with the support of the instructor in a closed chat.

The program consists of two days and includes two homework assignments.

Day 1:

  • Systematization of entering international markets.
  • Creating an effective step-by-step roadmap.
  • Increasing business readiness to conquer new markets.
  • Searching for potential partners abroad.
  • Selecting focus markets with the greatest sales potential.
  • Key sources of information and methods of data search for selecting markets with the maximum sales potential.

Day 2:

  • Customer selection and sales preparation.
  • Identifying potential customers in selected foreign markets.
  • Creating an ideal customer profile.
  • Determining the customer’s decision-making process and motivation.
  • Long-term sales cycles abroad and their systematization.
  • Negotiations and understanding of customer needs abroad.
  • Interest-based negotiation methodology.
  • Tools for preparing for negotiations to maximize success.
  • Simulation trainer for negotiations with a potential customer abroad.
For whom

The certification program is designed for:

  • Small and medium-sized business owners
  • Directors and key decision-makers in companies.
Iryna Paslas
Manager for the Executive education department