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HR-management for Technological companies

The course for building an effective HR-direction in the technological companies


Зима 2025


3 days





About the program

The course "HR-management for Technological companies" is the last course in the certification program. During the course, participants will gain skills and tools to build an effective team, learn how to form goals and KPIs for recruitment and personnel management processes, how to motivate the team and evaluate performance.

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Program's structure

Learning objectives:

  • Human capital management in technology companies, labor market trends in STEM
  • Strategic and operational management in technology companies, the role of human capital in building effective business
  • Leadership and team management styles in a creative environment.
  • Team formation and development
  • Remote work and variability of forms of talent attraction
  • Search and involvement of `correct` specialists of engineering and technical professions
  • Adaptation and integration of staff
  • Evaluation of professional results
  • Motivation and staff development

We remind you that besides the course «HR-management for Technological companies», the Certificate Program in Technology Management also includes the following courses:

  1. Innovative Digital Disruption
  2. HR Management and Organizational Development
  3. Transformational Leadership
  4. Strategic Marketing for Technological companies 
  5. Software Architecture for Managers

Certificate Program in Technology Management

For whom

The Certificate Program in Technology Management is created for:

  1. Managers and top managers of technology companies
  2. Business owners in the technological sphere
  3. Teams or individuals who want to better understand the technological companies
Program value

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Unite and strengthen their technical and business competencies.
  • Improve understanding of key processes in technological companies.
  • Enhance management and leadership skills.

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive:

  • Certificate from the UCU Business School (LvBS) for the entire program or separately for each completed course.
  • Opportunity to continue their education in the Master’s program MSc in Technology Management (admission to the rules of enrollment) and receive a discount on tuition (10% upon completion of all 5 courses in the certificate program).
Contact person
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Ostap Salovskyi
Academic manager MSc in Technology Management